A quick guide to the OZEV ORCS grant for local authorities

TO encourage the continued roll-out of EV chargers in Hull, the Humber region and throughout the UK; the Government is committed to investing £1.3 billion in fast-charge infrastructure.

Not surprisingly, local authorities will play a major role in the plan to promote greener and cleaner transport.

Thanks to the ORCS grant, they’ll be able to apply for funding to cover up to 75% of the capital costs of installation.

What is the ORCS grant?

Local authorities can use the On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme (ORCS) to get a grant which will fund the installation of residential EV chargers.

The initiative is designed to install EV chargers on the street or in public spaces (like car parks), so that residents without access to off-street parking can enjoy the same charging convenience.

Funding is available from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV – formerly OLEV) to increase availability – and help improve air quality and lower carbon emissions.

How much ORCS grant funding is available?

ORCS grants can be used to part fund up to 75% of the capital costs of installing residential EV charging infrastructure.

OZEV will provide a maximum of £13,000 per EV charger installation.

For charge points which cost more than £7,500 to install, evidence of high connection costs will be required.

OZEV will issue 75% of any successful grant application upfront, with the remaining 25% claimed once the install is complete.

All capital costs must be individually evidenced.

Who can apply?

OZEV considers all applications on a case-by-case basis.

In our service area, the local authorities who could submit an application are:

  • Hull City Council
  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • North East Lincolnshire Council
  • North Lincolnshire Council

What’s the ORCS grant deadline?

ORCS grant applications are open to local authorities until 31st March 2023.

At this point, the end of the 2022/23 financial year, the scheme will be reconsidered.

It is not yet known if it will be extended. If it is, funding limits could potentially be lowered.

Will my application be successful?

Every local authority in the UK has equal access to this funding. But the aim of the scheme is to ‘level up’ provision across the country.

Consequently, OZEV will prioritise projects that deliver extended EV charger access, particularly in areas which are currently underserved.

To be eligible, applications must:

  • Have supporting evidence from the Highways Authority for on-street installs
  • If installing in a car park, the land must be owned by the local authority
  • Chargers must be located in residential areas that lack off-street parking
  • The EV charger must adhere to current OZEV technical specifications

How can I apply for an ORCS grant?

The Energy Saving Trust is administering the ORCS grant scheme with support from OZEV.

Under the initiative, estimating and controlling project delivery costs is the responsibility of the local authority.

In our experience, this can be a time-consuming process – so we’re happy to provide help and assistance.

For further guidance and information about the scheme, get in touch or call 01482 219599 for an informal discussion.

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A quick guide to the OZEV ORCS grant for local authorities

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