How much does an EV charger cost to install?

ELECTRIC vehicle drivers usually install a home EV charger because it’s miles faster to charge your car than using a normal three-pin plug.

In most cases, a 7kW charging point would cut your charging time by more than 11 hours.

How much does an EV charger installation cost in Hull & the Humber area?

N&P is determined to drive down the cost of EV motoring and a 7kW Rolec Smart EV charger costs from £495 (+VAT) to install.

In reality, it’s more likely to be around £650 (+VAT) once you factor in the addition of an Earth rod and Earth leakage device, which are usually required.

As a general rule of thumb, the more powerful the charger, the more you’ll pay.

Please note that the prices outlined above are for guide purposes only and will be subject to change - depending on the surroundings where the EV charger is fitted.

Thankfully, the Government is offering a grant of up to £350 to help cover costs.

For an exact installation price, apply online and get a FREE quote from N&P.

Why would the price of an EV charger installation vary?

  • Type and model of EV charger
  • Speed – a faster charger costs more
  • Customisation – longer cable, chasing or protection
  • Home adaptation – groundwork required
  • Alternative earthing system needed

What's included in a typical EV installation from N&P?

N&P is proud to be the number one installer of EV Chargers in Hull and throughout the Humber region.

Whether you opt for a simple EV charging socket or one with a tethered charging lead, our installation typically includes:

  • EV charging unit
  • Built-in overload and fault protection
  • Electrical contactor
  • Electrical safety certificate
  • Fitting costs

Can I get a home car charging point installed?

In most cases, we’ll be able to carry out an EV charger installation in Hull or the Humber area if you meet the following criteria:

  • You own the property or have written permission from the landlord
  • Access is available to your own off-street parking
  • You have a home WiFi connection

Get a FREE and competitive quote, apply online now or call (01482) 219599 for more details.

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How much does an EV charger cost to install?

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