The 3 BIGGEST reasons to install EV Chargers for business

With the UK planning to ban the sale of new combustion-engine cars in 2030, more drivers are making the switch to electric vehicles.

The fact you can receive a grant of up to £350 for every ‘smart’ charger installed at your workplace means businesses are leading the way in the EV revolution.

And there are a whole range of other benefits for championing this cleaner and greener transport.

1. Keep Employees Happy

Ensuring your team are satisfied creates a positive working environment. Providing on-site EV charging shows staff you care about their well-being – and the environment.

Say goodbye to worrying about whether they’ll run out of power on the commute back home. Say hello to a happier and more productive workforce.

2. Monetise Your Visitors

EV chargers are a great way to generate additional revenue. As more visitors and clients begin to drive EVs, paying for power will soon become second nature.

With flexible pricing models available, you could ask visitors to pay whilst allowing employees to benefit from free EV charging.

To maximise your charger’s earning potential, you could set different tariffs depending on the time of day or user. The choice is yours.

3. Earn an Eco-friendly Reputation

Being environmentally responsible is not just great for the planet, it’s also good for your business’s reputation. Adding EV chargers to your infrastructure is a highly-effective way to enhance that – and your green credentials.

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The 3 BIGGEST reasons to install EV Chargers for business

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