When is the OLEV grant end date?

EV drivers who want to benefit from the latest Government grants need to act fast!

According to guidance from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles - formerly known as OLEV, the home and workplace charging grants will next come up for review in April 2020.

That means you have until 31 March 2022 to make your application before the current OLEV grant end date kicks in.

The scheme may be extended. But it may not. No-one knows at this stage.

Get a grant now!

If you want to install a home EV charger, it is possible to get a £350 grant towards the cost of installation.

For a workplace charger, eligible applicants can receive £350 for each socket installed, up to a maximum limit of 40.

To claim an OZEV grant, apply online now and we’ll take care of the entire application process on your behalf.

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When is the OLEV grant end date?

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